Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-08-16T21:27:17+00:00

Below are Frequently Asked Questions as well to help our members access and utilize the new solutions platform.

What is the Solutions Portal?2022-08-16T20:27:00+00:00

The LACMA Solutions Portal is a new benefit where members can easily access and quickly connect with over 100 preferred partners and vendors who will provide you, your practice, and your staff with exclusive discounts, benefits, and services.

Does LACMA Solutions Portal include all of LACMA’s preferred partners?2022-08-16T20:27:52+00:00

Yes, and MUCH MORE! In addition to LACMA’s portfolio of partners offering exclusive discounts and packages, members now have access to an extensive and growing marketplace curated to improve your bottom line, increase operational efficiency and even provide incentives for your entire staff. Other member-exclusive benefits such as reimbursement assistance, legal resources, and jury duty concierge remain readily available to LACMA members on our LACMA website. 

Who has access to the Solutions Portal?2022-08-16T21:40:43+00:00

Full access is available to all active LACMA members. Click on the LACMA Member Portal Registration button to create your Portal Login. Once registered, you will instantly gain access to the full Solutions Portal. Nonmembers will be given limited access by clicking Rapid Connect: Nonmember Sneak Peek button. If you’re not yet a LACMA member, join to access the entire Solutions Portal today!

Who do I contact if I get locked out of my account?2022-08-16T20:28:52+00:00

For any portal issues such as account access or password resets, your LACMA Solutions Portal Member Concierge is ready to help, simply contact Charles, Renea, Samantha, or Candy.

Will the new platform replace the existing menu of options?2022-08-16T20:29:12+00:00

No, the new platform is in addition to LACMA’s existing options for exclusive benefits and services and provides a user-friendly way to view the available options.

How is the LACMA Solutions Portal different from other discount platforms?2022-08-16T20:29:35+00:00

All partners and vendors have been vetted and are entrusted to provide exceptional service and exclusive offers to all members. Once registered, a dedicated Member Concierge will reach out to you or your staff to provide a comprehensive needs assessment and connect you with the appropriate solution that addresses your needs.

How do I access the discounts?2022-08-16T20:30:02+00:00

LACMA members register for a portal account through the LACMA Solutions Portal. Once registered, you may browse through the Marketplace to find the right solution or visit the Rapid Vendor Connect to take advantage of an offer immediately. You may also schedule a call with our dedicated member concierge team to match you with the best service and price that directly addresses your practice needs.

What is the difference between the Rapid Vendor Connect and the Solutions Marketplace?2022-08-16T20:30:25+00:00

Rapid Vendor Connect is a quick way to select and connect with solutions with quantified savings. The Solutions Marketplace provides a deeper dive into all vetted partners and vendors addressing specific category practice needs. However, both options offer direct assistance from the Member Concierge to ensure you receive the best service that caters to your practice needs and pricing.

So, nothing populates in the Marketplace unless I log in?2022-08-16T20:30:47+00:00

Yes, only LACMA members with a registered account can access the Marketplace within the portal after log in.

Who is the Member Concierge team and when are they available?2022-08-16T20:31:06+00:00

Our Member Concierge team is comprised of experts with various healthcare-related backgrounds, including nursing, practice management, and business development. The Member Concierge team is available via phone at 877-771-7716  and chat on the website Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM PST. They are available to help LACMA members find solutions and connect with solution providers, perform needs assessments, or navigate the Solutions Portal. If you are not a current LACMA member, the Concierge team can help you join LACMA to gain full access to the LACMA Solutions Portal and all LACMA member benefits.

What (who) are “Advisors,” and how are they different from Member Concierge?2022-08-16T20:31:27+00:00

Advisors are LACMA staff who will be able to advise you not only on solutions for your practice but provide you with other benefits and services not mentioned in the marketplace, such as jury duty concierge, leadership development via councils and committees, legislative advocacy, involvement in policy-making, events, and much more!

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